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My 12 novice son took part in the seminar. WOW! I thought I had a little knowledge about bmx but I guess what they say about a little knowledge is true. When we got home the first thing he did was to write out his goals. After that we put together a weekly routine(also written out).

On Monday he stretched for 15 minutes then did 2 sets of 15 sprints (30 yards)

On tuesday he streched again, did 15 gates on our homemade electric gate. then practiced at Bensalem BMX – turns and pumping

Today was more streching and 2 sets of 15 sprints.

I have never seen him as excited about bmx as he has been recently and gregs obvious love for the sport was infectious. Pretty soon zachary might be good enough for factory bmx legend!

Oh yeah, there was a Todd Lyons sighting at Bensalem on Tuesday(sorry Greg)