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As a “salesman” by trade, I have been to alot of seminars in the last 15 years. I can honestly say that Greg could give a seminar to just about any organization about the mental aspects of training and preparedness. I think every adult that was there this weekend would agree with me that you can take alot of what Greg said and apply it to other areas of your life and see results.

I think this weekend was the first time I ever truly “trained” in BMX (or any other sport). So far I had been happy to lose 25 pounds and be back on the track, but things have not clicked from week to week. Even in the past I never followed a training program or regimen. Jess and me posted in another thread how neither of us could walk very well afterwards. My thighs and calfs are killin me…and I’m happy about it!

My son is 5 years old, and he attended with me. Those who were there saw that his attention span was limited, and all he wanted to do was ride, but Greg had alot of patience with him. My son was still talking about the seminar today and can’t wait to get back and practice.

Thank you Greg for coming out and Rich for putting this all together, you went above and beyond to do this. Thanks also to Rich Carolan for assisting Greg. Lastly, thanks to all the riders and parents who were there and helped with my son, it meant alot, you made him feel very important and kept him out of harms way when I was on the track or in the other group.

C-ya at the next race!