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i am gunna take a shot at this, in my opinion, i would say he ment simply out with the old and in with the new, just a poor choice of wording on his part. i doubt it was a personal atack at any of the vert riders considering he is including himself in the comment by saying “promoting themselves” he spent how many years riding for his own company on vert and street promoting himself. there is so many new riders and only so much media and coverage to go around. Alot of people think “ok we have seen so and so do a tilt awhirl on vert 10 years ago, what is lil jonny doing on street, ramp or flat that no one has ever seen or heard off”
Vert will always be a top draw for the TV media, it has the longest run time on TV do to its nature, the rider(billboard) is a major focal point and the advertisers want the most out of there advertising dollers.
disclamer: i think jay is an awsome rider and has obviously done and continues to do alot for bmx.