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Brett…although I am no longer a track operator, being one for almost a 1/4 century I think I can safely say that I have more knowledge of the behind the scene BS that goes on…and I am glad to see that the riders are beginning to take issues with both the sanctions.

Granted, for those 25 years I’ve been staunchly ABA with no time at all for the NBL, mainly a business decision as the ABA is professionally run whereas the NBl is just running around in circles…..my opinion..if someone doesn’t like what I say.. Tough S***, deal with it….

It is only a matter of time before the BMX population faces the hard, cold fact of 1 sanction and one sanction only..that being the ABA…and it is very important now more than ever that the riders, who without this sport would be absolutly nothing, start making the sheer weight of their numbers known to the powers that be.

Like I stated, I’ve been ABA for all my years, but that doesn’t mean that I’m an ABA “rah-Rah” boy either. They have had me P Oed over the years to the point of wanting to go postal over some of their idiocy that they have pulled over the years. The good thing being after they pulled their heads out of the Arizona sand and got out of the sun, things got straightened out…usually.

This nonsense that the NBL pulled over Sheri Lindsey is just that, nonsense..ok, the track people if they went ahead and switched early before the “Contract’ expired, …their bad and they should be made to fullfill the contract. However, once that obligation has been met the NBL has no legal claim at all over the track or it’s operations. (According to my Lawyer, an X-BMX rider) So, the NBL changes the rules and now has them sign…what? A year to year “Continuitity” contract? I would tell Bob Tedesco to wipe his ass with that and after this season is over switch sanctions.

Like the ABA always says, “It’s just a matter of time” With stuff like this going on that “Time” is quickly approaching.

As far as your organization that is forming up, Good luck with it as now more than ever BMX Racing needs just such an organization. If I can be of any help, let me know.


P.S. edit out any of them ‘cuss words if you wish!