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OHHHH boy. Today this kid who last year showed up without any gear.(I gave him a long sleeve shirt so he could race.) he shows up,. Now me being a wise ass, can appreciate this kid. He always wants to race me calls me old man blah blah. He could probalbly take me. But I do not care. He tells me he is still racing rookie. Iasked him why? he said cause it is easy and he can get a plate.

He proceeds to challenge me all damn day. He is some 14 year old kid so I have nuttin to prove,. But what bugs me is when he says rookie is easy and i can win.

Now i might catch hell for picking on some kid, but THIS IS THE PROBLEM WE ARE FACING. APPARENTLY some of the guys he races withtell me he is REAL ARROGANT. I bagged on him, all day. Why because maybe he will move up. I geuss what really ticks me off is I help this kid and now I am “an old man” Well guess what. next week if i see him I will “accept his challenge” with the condition that if i win. He has to turn novice That day.

I do not want to come off as a Bully. Or someone who is picking on “some kid” (BTW this kid is huge for a 14 year old.) Oh i forgot he was racing cruiser most of last year. That is his excuse. Now he isracing 20. sorry ass excuse you ask me.

BTW after a year of racing I am finnally getting into my grove! What can i say i am a slow learner.