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Give them ONE warning. They are just one person. If they only represent one rider, NJ BMX will get along just fine without them. This is a volunteer sport and nobody in NJ gets paid to do this. To cause trouble for volunteers is ridiculous. Running a track is difficult enough.There’s no time for people causing trouble.

Kevin Czekalski who did a brilliant job running Cedar BMX in PA just posted here saying he quit after 23 years because he couldn’t deal with troublesome parents. When volunteers quit because of troublesome people, BMX loses. That shouldn’t happen. The troublemakers should go, not the volunteers.

Confront the person, lay out the charges and give them one warning. Tell them that NJ BMX doesn’t need them to survive and will actually be better off without them. If they have vandalized the track then to ban them without warning would be sure to make them do it again, only much worse.

We’re trying to make this sport better. There’s no time for stuff like this.