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ok maybe because it happened so fast i didnt see the leash… but let me say now that i have seen that particular dog at the track many times and have not witnessed any agressive behavior before BUT out of the 10 times i have seen him, 9 of them he was NOT on a leash. i also overheard the owner of the larger dog immediatly state it was provoked as the puppy was coming too close. if your dog is not “social” and cant be trusted in situations where there are other dogs then leave them home.

and as for me “going off” on the leash issue and bringing dogs to the track… a few years ago the family in the ez up next to us at south park had a dog and their “puppy” bit the face of a 3 yr old that was venturing too close to the dogs bowl…. so call me oversensitive but let the dog owners be more responsible.

i did witness another dog off leash about 5-6 ft in front of his owner when we were walking out to our car in the parking lot so dont say all the dogs were on leashes . i am usually not hesitant to approach a dog but let me tell you i thought twice after seeing that.