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I would like to take a moment on behalf of the entire staff of EHTBMX and myself to send a heart felt thank you to all of the wonderful people who stepped up to the plate and helped make this one of, if not the, best Nationals in EHT history.
So many people gave of their time and labor that I could never possibly mention everyone, but a couple of special thank yous are in order:
Les and Linda Vanderhoof for providing, once again, a top notch facility and great food for the National.
Jess and Gary Crager for the countless hours they gave in prep-work and day of labor.
Robert and Josie Demola for the tireless efforts they put in to make sure everyone had a good time, got plenty of food, and in general be everywhere that help was needed.
Nancy Haugh for all the behind the scenes work she did and does, and for all the help she gave.
Chris and Carrie Vliet for everything they did on and off the track to make sure this National was a success.
Chris and Cathy Whiley also for everything they did above and beyond.
Mr. Glenn, Mr. Tidey, Lisa Heath, Marty Cornell , Dawn, Vinnie Mannino, Mary Walsh, Donna McGinty, Marilyn (Josie’s sister), Brian Grabel, Mary and Jim Filippone, Matt and Gail Danek, Wally Thomas, Debbie Scott, Don and Kathy Olson, Irma and Dave Miller, Betty and Bruce Mulligan, Bob and Polly Tedesco, Rich Farside and so many, many more oh and of course our wonderful DRPs. We could have never done it without all of you.

Here’s hoping that the outpouring of help, friendship, caring, and the desire to “do it for the kids” continues for a long, long time.

Thanks again to everyone who helped in what ever way you were able.
We are eternally grateful.