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The way I look at things right now, is that we have 1 year to get word out about BMX racing and it’s legitimacy as an ADULT sport with highly skilled athletes.
I’m sick of “men on little kids bikes”, B.S….
Bill Hayden actually came up with this idea and we were two dog nuts from actually having a meeting with some of us…
I listen to everyone talk and I think it’s time we got our collective sh*t together.
Let’s be realistic, the UCI is screwing BMX over. We just had a national run by all volunteers. Race fee $45.00 per day. I dunno, there is just so much I have learned in the last few months that I feel as though if we start to look like an organized force, that promotes BMX as WE SEE FIT. Maybe someone will take a look at those, “guys who ride the little kids bikes”.

Here, I have a perfect example.
Watching TV last night and there is a commercial for the “X-Games Moto Bike” WTF is that? Not only that but they used the freaking words BMX IN THE COMMERICAL!!!! That is a POS that was come up with by a marketing firm to appeal to a “preceived” demographic.
It should have been a 30 second promo for REAL BMX RACING, GOD, I can’t stand it anymore….
BMX IS THE BIGGEST DRAW at X Games, DEW, Gravity…..It’s time WE threw down the gauntlet and told the MARKETING FIRMS, WTF is up. We know, we ride, we rode, we will continue to ride….
By the end of this summer the UBMXRC will be some sort of reality, and I would hope that through our different connections we can get the true champions of BMX “as a whole” on board with us.

Ask yourself this question….Greg Hill was nominated to be on the Board of the NBL…he ISN’T there…..Why? How? What? The guy is BMX. This rider revolution has already occured in freestyle BMX, it’s high time it occured in racing.