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Loren, your son sounds like mine. He is 6 Novice also. Whats his name? My son is JD Guilbault. He walked through 5 & under Rookie in 8 weeks (only 8 move ups in ABA). He then raced the rest of the year against 8 and 9 year olds. On the national level he still didn’t have a class. He finished nat #3 never having raced a kid his own age so he automatically got 1st moto points but never made a main. Really screwed him up a little.

CWCC, you can not guage them by how they do at the nationals. That is the whole point of this thread. The National Rookies are at a National Novice level. They just aren’t moving up. Not knocking you, as I understand what you are saying. No one is moving, the skill in the classes are shifting downwards.

Bill, I do have to say one thing bad about the ABA. I have seen a ton of sandbagging over the Redline Cup and ROC plates.