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It will not happen. Someone in his age/class would have to request an audit.


Anthony, aren’t in that class?

I do not think it will do much other than get him moved up to Novice. No loss of points etc.

I caught a kid racing Intermediate ABA and winning yet he was racing Rookie at the NBL nationals to get cheap wins. I turned him in to the NBL and they moved him up to Novice but did not take any of his points away. He was also being used on a Team NBL National team (who was raking in a fair amount of money) as a for sure win at the nationals. They also had a bunch of kids who had finished #2 Rookie the year before still racing the Rookie classes as easy wins also. They were turning in team sheets with higher points than the factory national teams.

They got the money yanked from them and lost their team points though.

Now they have reduced the information on their website as much as they can to keep me from finding out what they are up to. It just makes me work a little harder. 😉