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Ok, I have an 8 Rookie. He started in 2004, raced a few races then broke his arm (not on his bike). Anyway, he raced the EHT Nat last year, got royally wooped and didn’t make his main. He ended up NJ#2 in 7 Rookie last year. This year I started him out as a rookie to see how he did. Second overall both weeks at HC. I told him it is up to him when he turns Novice, unless he is creaming the competition. We had 2 new 8 rookies this past week and I could tell they were outclassed. He tends to have somewhat of a self confidence problem but is pretty psyched so far this year. I am encouraging him to turn Novice for Sunday at the Nat. One thing I would NEVER allow him to do would be to sandbag on purpose in order to not get points. Thats pathetic!