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Don’t ya know? Every one wants to say they were top 10 IN THE COUNTRY! (year in, year out). Parents will tell ya its because little Johnny still needs to work on some stuff – they don’t want to see them get hammered by those “big” novice or experts. Little Johnny just needs more time. After 5 years he might be ready. C-mon – rookie is just a name – no shame in staying there your entire racing career, is there? I don’t think Little Johnny can handle the big boys.

Or, and I love this one, my kid just races for fun (and goes to 5-6 nationals a year).

Y’all know I’m kidding, right?

Parents and/or older rookies: Have you ever seen a 2nd or 3rd year player get “Rookie of the Year” in professional sports???

I think this has been beat to death pretty good on this site, but I’ll say it again: ROOKIE = Rider with basic skills on flat pedals for no more than one year or a certain number of races.

Yes, I did toy with the idea of returning as a 17yr+ rookie, but that got knocked out of me quick. But, if you saw my two falls in three races, you may think I’m not too off base, but that is another story.

But, so no parents rip me here (and I am a parent, too), I know there may be some kids out there who may never HONESTLY progress pass the rookie stage for many different reasons. I won’t elaborate, but I want you to know ALL kids are welcome in our sport and we will make every attempt to safely accommodate them all.

That said: if you are a professional rookie: STEP IT UP!!

OLD SCHOOL ABA: 5 First place finishes in Novice between your birthdays = EXPERT. Beginner was a temporary class with NO POINTS or rankings!!!

I understand tracks are more skill oriented now then in the past, so I see why the rookie class has evolved somewhat. But if you are riding Nationals with clips as a rookie and making mains, c’mon, give me a break.