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First off, I’m positng by my givin name because I don’t want anyone to mistake who is making these comments. They are my opinions along with some input from my husband Bill.

Your right about your little chat being the talk at CJBMX. I am appauld at the childish backstabbing that has taken place under the moster jump post and let me tell you this public apology to Vinny has very little meaning!!

I was there with my entire family the day the original track changes were made. It was long. It was hot. It was a long awaited track change that needed to be done. Bill and I, along with Scott, Vinnie and others busted our butts last year trying to get the NBL to recognize our little track and earn that regional. A regional that will not only bring in the money needed to continue improving the track but will earn even more ridership. Every national we followed Don Olsen, reminding him that CJBMX is ready and will make them proud. We brought a photo album filled with pics from the Memorial day parade to show Tedesco what a great group we have and what we are willing to do to promote the sport of BMX. You know they carried that photo album around with them for hours showing other people how great of a job we were doing at CJBMX.

Yes, orignially there were some younger, expert riders giving their imput on the monster jump. There was not one person there who didn’t feel their needs were greater or there idea weren’t the best. No one really had a firm plan but knew we were short on time and only had the equipment for that weekend. The jump was made and that’s that. Later after my exhausted husband, along with other volunteers looked at the jump they realized that it needed to be toned down from 30 feet peak to peak to 23 feet peak to peak and that was done the following weekend. The jump is still being worked on as is the rest of the track with volunteers who are donating resources and their valuable time.

Do you really have any idea how much time and effort it takes to run a track??? It’s not just show up, take a couple of runs on the track, grab a bite (You darn well better!!) and go home. We’re there early and the last to leave. How many of you came in an helped at the snack stand last year, or ran the gate, or corner marshalled, or helped prepare the track before the race, or did the bike inspection, or picked up garbage that was laying around your car, or cleaned out the bathrooms, or did registation, or stayed after and handed out trophies, walked around with the 50/50, participated in the lap-a-thon, got donations for the great give away race the list will go on and on but I’m getting bored and sleepy all at once.

You go to any regional or national race and you will be faced with the same type of jumps and track changes we’re trying to accomplish at CJBMX with the exemption of EHT because you seem to enjoy the easy flow of that track. And before you think I’m bashing EHT……….I’m not. That is the personality of the track and that’s the way they want to present it so that’s fine. Remember too, That is township property and they receive help from the town. For example they have the advantage of using perfect dirt. CJBMX has to beg for donations and people willing to transport it or put out the money to purchase it. That leaves CJBMX in a huge disadvantage because the track need excessive mantainance playing with crappy dirt.

The point I’m trying to make is if you go into the Regional or National circut or for our younger riders have the vision to one day represent the United States in the Olympics then the tracks need to change with the times and help provide a place, close to home to train. Instead of being proud of your home track for attempting to make this possible, your whining that it’s not compatiable to your style of riding. So what I think you need to do is either one, like another poster said “get off the PC and get on your bike and start training” or two leave the sport to the people who are up to the challenge of being the best that they can in their chosen sport.

Karen Gillis

P.S. If you have any problem’s with my post I am willing to discuss this but please e-mail me. I will not have the time to do this while I’m making your breakfast sandwich 😉