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Kevin Anderson

is not only a great bmx rider, but a very big member to this family, i say family, because that is exactly what we are, a giant family all over bmx riders are a part of it. now when someone that does this much for the sport, races rides with his son, help other kids out trying to get on the track and enjoy the sport, that my firends is a true rider. i dont care how good you are, how famous you are, but if you take the time to stop what your doing and help somebody else out, thats what counts, because you know what? that person you helped will go and help another one and so on and so fourth. kindof like a pay it forward type thing. but i digress from my point. Kevin is a very kind, very great person, and he and his family need all of the support ithey can get during these times. I say we do whatever we can to help them out, because you know hed do the same for anyone of you. the collections, the benefits everything are awesome. but even a simple “feel better kevin” or something like that can make a whole world of a difference. So if you see him or anyone in the anderson family, please take the time to stop and say hello.

Feel Better Kevin