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Good in theory, but for a lot of riders, accepting any kind of prize money whether they get the actual cash or it is put in an account for them, would make them ineligible to play any other sport in middle or high school. That was one of the major reasons most girls quit BMX when they turned 16 and had to go to Super Girl (now Elite Women). They couldn’t race and participate in any other sport because of the state’s “amature” clauses. When the NBL brought the classes in to alignment with the UCI and made the Junior Women’s class for 16-18 year old girls, it allowed the high school girls to stay in BMX and participate in their school sport, because Junior Women is a trophy class, not a money class. Same goes for the guys, if they play a school sport they are risking being disqualified from that sport by turning Super, Elite, or running the 16 & over Opens.
Alot of these riders must also make a token payment or get a letter signed by their team managers, that all equipment they receive from the team is “on loan” or was purchased by them for the duration of their membership on the team.