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The NBL makes too much $$$ off of the Rookies at the national level. About a third of their operating income at the national level comes from the Rookie class.

This last Morristown national on Saturday:

Rookie totals: 112 up to 16 Rookie ($5040 in entry fees 😯 )
Novice totals: 153 up to 16 Novice
Expert totals: 145 up to 16 Expert

Great Lakes national:

Rookie 82
Novice 90
Expert 80

A comparison between the sanctions:

Now you would think at the Grands the turnouts for beginners wouldn’t be that big, I mean how many Rookies are chasing a national title? Probably more than you would think. These numbers are from the 05 Grands. The NBL had more riders than the ABA yet what classes were those riders in?

ABA Grands/ NBL Grands
1164 total Am Boys/1428 total Am Boys
Beginners 172/306 134 more at the NBL (22+ gates more)
Middle 397/500 103 more at the NBL (17+ gates more)
Expert 595/622 27 more at the NBL (Only 4+ gates more)

If you look at the totals there were 264 more riders at the NBL Grands versus the ABA Grands. Over half of those extra riders were beginners. Only 27 were Experts.

Percent of the extra riders at the NBL Grands than the ABA Grands:
Rookie 51%
Novice 39 %
Expert 10%

The sanctions have based operating incomes on having the beginners at the national level and probably will not give that up. They are a cash cow.

Something to think about.