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I agree their should be a limit as to the number of races for a rookie and no clips as well.

The idea of rental bikes is a great concept but in reality I don’t think it would be to successfull. If you are going to rent bikes then you will need to at least rent helmets as well. Now combine a new rider, rental bike and a rental helmet , a recipe for disaster. Suppose this new rider takes a bad fall and gets seriously hurt? Who is going to be responsible? The guy that sized him for the helmet? The track for providing the rental bike? I think you could have them sign all the waivers you want but in the end, somebody will be held accountable and I doubt it will be the new rider!

I enjoyed the moto bike race this weekend. As my buddy and I watched the kids racing, we both wondered what would happen if somebody got hurt on one of those. Great idea to new get kids involved just hope someone has all the bases covered.