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I’m with Brett & Craig

A temporary Rookie license is a good idea, good for 5 beginners races. good for three months.
Run the five races than you move up to Novice, Get your first novice race free & the full license at a discount.
Maybe one more race if they attend a beginners class, I always enjoyed
giving the class at Braddock. Maybe a beginners day at the track, not on a race day. have some
bikes there for kids to ride. Give incentives to current & beginner riders when they
get a new rider to sign up. This may be done already I’ve been away for awhile.
Yon have to get the new kids there, and then you have keep them coming back.

No National # for beginners.

Rookie points at the local level could be an idea, a new rider that signs up for the first time
that rider can run for that tracks Rookie of the Year honor. All the points that
rider gets at that track, in beginner, novice & expert go towards the ROY points
Give a new rider something to aim for. Have the ROY trophy on display at the track at each race, It was
a big deal to me when I got my first trophy.