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First Race

Jersey City Armory

I’m 14

Tri-moly Mongoose with the cheap forks

My class: 14 AND OVER beginner

Trophies to First, Second & Third.

Do you know how bad I wanted that third place trophy??? (…and it took me several races to get it.)

Do you know how bad I wanted out of that class when I found out you wouldn’t get anything else? I wanted to be in 14 novice sooooo bad after that first winter.


I’m with Brett here folks for sure. I mean no disrespect to a certain 9 Rookie rider from CT, but it scared the poop out of me when this kid’s dad told me his kid has a 6 POUND BIKE!!! With CLIPS!!! WHAT?!?!?!?

If you want to get the local moto counts up, you have to make it easy to get a kid on the track. Instead of a 1 month trial membership, make it a 1 weekend or two week, or make it “X” amount of races on a temp pass up to 3 months and give the kid a race card to get punched. This way it gives the kid a few more tries to get back to the track on the temp membership. Not every parent can drop everything and bring his kid down 4 weeks in a row to get their money’s worth. Keep it cheap but give it some value.

Also – “no clips allowed” for rookies. Come on – if your kid is good enough to ride with clips, he DOES not belong in rookie. Sorry. BITD we helped push the kids up the table top if they needed help, and they LOVED it.

Farside’s moto-x race gave me another idea: How much would it cost to have 8-10 entry level bikes at the track to be rented?? Rent them for $5-10 bucks a day, but make sure a parent signs for it with a valid credit card. I know this is not a perfect idea because how do you make sure you have bikes for every age and size rider, but its an idea and maybe this will inspire someone else to think of a better idea.

That’s my thoughts for now.