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Different people have different views….I would NEVER say Dave was an…well what you said…
Everyone here may remember Ramp-ateria was BEHIND TC’s, he also gave me permission to hold the FIRST street and flat contests in our area at his shop…
JF’s was a decent shop, but I never remember him taking those risks and let me tell you for a small business owner they are risks, we got sued a couple times by overzealous parents.
Dave was rough on those he deemed “posers” and no, I didn’t agree with everything he did BUT I will never say anything other than that about him, well that and I wish he would have paid my parents back the grand he loaned them…but life goes on.
Believe it or not Dave did a lot for freestyle in our area and took a lot of risks and got 0 reward for it.
He loved freestyle and truly believed in it….
I do wonder though why Plainfield doesn’t have a public ramp park yet, because I hear Dave is in charge of recreation there now…

Now does anyone have something to say about that clown who ran the ramp-park there?