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The mystery guest has been unveiled, and only because I guessed right on the second try.

If you read my bio, I gave good props to this guy, but ripped him a little in a post under Kmart’s intro. So, yeah, I look like a sh*t right now.

But, no one raced harder than this guy. I truly wish we could have stayed an age class apart the whole time. We started out as friends and he will admit that I got him to his first race. We did some great road trips in ’84.

Actually, it’s because his older brother got a Schwinn Predator cruiser that made me try cruiser class. I’ll never forget going around Braddock on that stock Schwinn.

Brett, if you haven’t figured out who I’m talking about, first you better drop that rookie rating and upgrade Dunrite9 to NJ Vet. Yup, it’s my old nemesis, and hopefully friend once more.

Everyone say hello to Wogs. One of the best East Coast racers BITD.