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PJTAFT (Broken Spokes Member) is a very good friend of mine who recently moved to Florida. He was a big part of The Wrecking Crew, a team we started putting together back in 88 and ran hard with in 89. He has kept in touch with that crew and several others from Braddock those 2 years and updates me. Unfortunately I did not stay in touch very well with the Pre-85 crowd.

The neat thing is I have run into a few of the old crew on ebay of all places. Most notable is Donny & Austin Steele. They were NY’ers for a little while, but originally from the West Coast and are now back there again. They were only around for about a year or so, and Donny was tough in 17x and Austin was no fun in 17+ Cruiser (he was a little older). They hit Braddock and the Armory. Austin worked for GT for the longest time and is now with one of the motorcycle companies too.

Besides running into Mark Zalewski (also via ebay) who I chased in 17x in the NBL during ’89, I’m getting most of info and updates here. It will be interesting to see who pops up here.