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State Qualifiers:
Saturday April 22, 2006 EHT
Saturday June 4, 2006 EHT

Saturday June 10, 2006 Flemington
Sunday June 11, 2006 Flemington

Saturday July 15, 2006 Central Jersey
Sunday July 16, 2006 Central Jersey

State Championship

Saturday August 19th Central Jersey
Rain Date: Sunday August 20th Central Jersey

Times are all the same:
Registration from 9:00am-10:30am
Late Registration: 10:30am-11:00am $5.00 additional late fee
absolutely no registrations taken after 11:00am for any reason

Race Starts at Noon

Race Fees:
Class: $20.00
16&Over: $10.00 (You must race class)
Championship Race: $25.00
Open @ Championship: $15.00
Plaques for Series: $20.00


Required # of Races:

Locals: 4 Single Points
Qualifiers: 1 Double Points
Championship: 1 Single Points

Total Races: 6

Races counted:

Locals: 10 Single Points
Qualifiers: 4 Double Points
Warnicke: 1 Double Points
Championship: 1 Single Points

Total Races: 16

If a rider is short 1 local race, they may choose to use a Qualifier or a Warnicke race as a single point race to fulfill their local requirement. This is only for those riders who are short 1 of the 4 required locals.

If a rider is qualified to race the Championship, but is unable to, they must notify the State Clerk within 7 days of the Championship. They will then be given the last place ranking in his/her class, and will be qualified for the President’s Cup.

Riders and/or their parents are wholly responsible for knowing how many races their rider has raced towards the Championship. The board will not be responsible for notifying riders of race shortages.

The State Series runs from March 11th, 2006 through August 19th, 2006.