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New Mexico, crazy amount of land…small amount of people. We have a show all the way west in NM at Gallup. So we roll all the way across NM and drop a way fun show there and wind up in the local paper. (pic to follow this week) Our next stops were in Fla. so we had a crazy road trip from NM to Fla! Brandon pisses everyone off by having a cousin who gets him a flight from NM to Fla, while we get stuck driving across the country!..Let me say there are parts of Texas that smell beyond belief!
Along the way through NM we stop for gas in what I have to say is the spookiest rest stop ever with a kid standing there that has a shirt on that says ‘Take Me, I’m Yours”…Undoubtedly waiting for the aliens!
So we rolled what was about a 24 hour drive and finally wind up in Florida and bunk at Jeff’s parents timeshare for our time in Heaven’s Waiting Room.