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    @TideyFamily wrote:

    Prime example.. This last weekend my son goes down to EHT for the double race. He is the only 8 Rookie. So they bump him up to 9 rookie. These 2 other kids in 9 rookie has clip pedals and 1000 dolar bikes. I ask them how long they ahve been racing. Both of them said alittle over 3 years!!!!!! One of them was #1 Regional, He then proceeds to tell me that he is waiting until after the National He will go up to NOVICE!!!! The kid was fast but after the last corner just sat down and let the other kids pass him for the wins. Come on now parents, this is absurd! My son is just begining and only raced 3 times. He has gotten faster each race but nowhere what he will have with 3 years of expierence that these kids have. I raced in ABA like some of you and they went by AGE!!! If you were a 9 Intermidate there was no-way you were wining the state title for 9 year olds.. My son would be proud to be a 8 NOVICE. He would never, nor would I ever condone him to sandbag a race so he couldn’t go up.

    I cant speak for the #1 plate rider but the other 9 rookie is my son . Yes he is in clips but he is not on a $1000 bike(Ebay about $250)
    Yes he is in his third year of racing and He has NEVER NEVER sand bag a race !! there would be no reason to because even after 3 years he still don’t have but half the move up points to turn novice

    We started racing in 04(little more than half the season)just racing at EHT
    In 2005 we did the hole season including the state series (finished 2nd) I had every intention on VOLUNTARILY moving him up to novice after that season UNTIL we went to the Christmas classic in Dec 05 he didn’t even make it out of his 1/4 semi !!!!!
    It is a hole new level of competition at the national level !!! So I made the decision to keep him rookie until after the EHT nat.

    just 3 weeks ago we went to the first N.E.regional and that ” fast 9 rookie” is still struggling to qualify (he didn’t qualify day 1 and got 4 out of 6 on day 2) They were some fast ROOKIES!!

    If he cant be competitive in the NOVICE class (not making mains, not having FUN) I will be more than happy to just race locals and just keep it fun (and save a hole lot of money)
    I am happy with my decision so far He did get a chance to go to a big indoor nat. and qualify and he Knows what it’s like to lose

    Things need to change with the NBL!! I raced ABA in the 80’s and it was nothing like this ,There has got to be a better way to keep the rookie class for beginners. Chris


    Chris, I like you raced ABA back in the day, unfortunately, in both associations, with all the classes, there is sandbagging. It is not as pronounced in the ABA because they DO NOT have a plate for everyclass within an age,and that is where part of the problem lies. It is easy to stay rookie, and get a number 1 plate as opposed to get a top ten plate, and time to move up. 17 and over rookie racing 22 nationals, that is not a rookie


    JESS I moved up to novice last year.


    Bill I agree
    I would like to race a ABA nat this year to see how they compare? I am not looking to put the NBL down but have been unhappy more than once since i have been back
    What I plan to do is to get more involved with my local track and make the best out of what we have!!!


    CWCRIDER – What you said in your post sums it all up. Your son shows the need for a true rookie class. You said “its a whole other level of competition” at the nats. And this is because of the problem with professional/lifetime rookies.

    When I raced ABA nats through ’89 – I do not even remember them having beginners at the nats. Does anyone??

    The sad thing is because of rider counts, its gonna be hard to convince the NBL to cut rookies out of the National scene. They’ll be afraid if you make everyone move to novice or expert, they won’t all come because it will lower their chance of winning or placing.

    Obviously the move-up points rules need to be addressed and ammended along with the NBL getting better at catching the offenders.

    I vote for Jess as new president of the NBL! 😀


    FWIW, the NBL told me they need to mail the point info for confidentiality reasons…you know, so you don’t see that someone else has 18 and the NBL dropped the ball!

    CWCCRider, your son sounds alot like mine. We will see what happens in a week at the Nats.

    My other son by contrast is 6 and turned Novice after wiping up the NJ 5 and under rookie class last year and had no competition. Now he gets to race 8 and 9 year old novice class, at least on the local level. You can’t win either way!



    you know what i think.. ROOKIE class, should be your FIRST YEAR of racing…not 2..after that 1st year is up.. you move to novie, then you get your move up points…see.. racing is lame now…i am sooooooooooooo done with this racing crap..


    Loren, your son sounds like mine. He is 6 Novice also. Whats his name? My son is JD Guilbault. He walked through 5 & under Rookie in 8 weeks (only 8 move ups in ABA). He then raced the rest of the year against 8 and 9 year olds. On the national level he still didn’t have a class. He finished nat #3 never having raced a kid his own age so he automatically got 1st moto points but never made a main. Really screwed him up a little.

    CWCC, you can not guage them by how they do at the nationals. That is the whole point of this thread. The National Rookies are at a National Novice level. They just aren’t moving up. Not knocking you, as I understand what you are saying. No one is moving, the skill in the classes are shifting downwards.

    Bill, I do have to say one thing bad about the ABA. I have seen a ton of sandbagging over the Redline Cup and ROC plates.


    I think we all know there needs to be a change and it well happen in time. I got a taste of what was happening on the national scene and did what was best for my son.
    Unfortunately it does hurt the local scene.
    Boy this sure was a lot easier when we were 14 I just want to ride !!!!


    That’s why I have the trails. Sometimes you need a break, it’s like there are 100 classes, and some don’t want to move up so they can get firsts, and the ohers would love to start winning, and move up, but the expert rookies are still there holding them back.


    everyone quit racing.. just ride bils trails.. no rookie, novice or expert classes.. plus.. itll be cheaper also…give bill 5 bucks for the day.. and its all good…yeah.. the hell with racing


    Leadsled1, my son is Kyle Hamblin. I believe he rode with JD at the Kevin Anderson benefit. He remembers him as having the full face helmet…if I am not mistaken you had a Monster Energy full face? FWIW, I was riding the urban camo specialized mtn bike. Kyle is looking forward to racing someone his age at the Nat. See you there ?



    I in now way was bashing your son!! To me 2 or 3 years in a Rookie class is crazy. I think the NBL has to totally change thier whole thinkin about this. I now am looking forward to going back to ABA. If you weren’t expert you didn’t get shit. I think any kid who has clip peddles shoudn’t be in ROOKIE.. ABA you get these kids who have their Walmart bike and rock the Novice class, move up to Intermediate, then when they have thier confidence build up thier parents spring for maybe a race bike.

    New NBL Rookie’s never even have a chance to build up that confidence.
    My son got 2 first place trophy’s last week since he was the only 8 year old, I didn’t have the heart to tell him why he got first.


    The hell with the 5bucks, just bring food and beverages, it will be a blast


    Chris, so this is all your fault!?!?!?!? 😆
    And you call yourself a Deptford local? I’m shocked.
    That does it, you and your son both get it next time I announce at EHT. 😆
    Yeah, I remember my first race. One piece cranks, front brakes, and a pie plate. And I wasn’t clipped in either. My secret weapon was my chrome checkered pads.

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