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    Prime example.. This last weekend my son goes down to EHT for the double race. He is the only 8 Rookie. So they bump him up to 9 rookie. These 2 other kids in 9 rookie has clip pedals and 1000 dolar bikes. I ask them how long they ahve been racing. Both of them said alittle over 3 years!!!!!! One of them was #1 Regional, He then proceeds to tell me that he is waiting until after the National He will go up to NOVICE!!!! The kid was fast but after the last corner just sat down and let the other kids pass him for the wins. Come on now parents, this is absurd! My son is just begining and only raced 3 times. He has gotten faster each race but nowhere what he will have with 3 years of expierence that these kids have. I raced in ABA like some of you and they went by AGE!!! If you were a 9 Intermidate there was no-way you were wining the state title for 9 year olds.. My son would be proud to be a 8 NOVICE. He would never, nor would I ever condone him to sandbag a race so he couldn’t go up.


    So the Slifers were from DE? No wonder they sucked. Ha!

    Yeah Craig, you’d probably get rocks thrown at you for talking ABA. Us Braddock and Deptford guys prefer ABA but most people in NJ now have never raced ABA. NBL is all they know and they have no desire to switch. Bensalem went ABA years ago. Then they were considering going back. Thank God they didn’t. Of course what we really need is ONE sanction but that’s a whole other topic.

    Where was I? Oh yeah. Down with career rookies!


    Greg, I notice more of this sandbagging in the NBL, with all the different titles they have. Caveman, you know I’m all ABA. It’s really the NBL and the tracks that let this go on faults.


    i say we all drink beers ride around.. forget racing and all its politics..


    That actually sounds pretty good. I better pad up first as I am getting old. 😆

    Dave, they were from PA thank you very much. 😉 Kind of like that Ciancio guy.


    Actually I thought they were from PA.

    That’s okay. DE still sucks. Ha!

    You know if Pottstown and NJ went ABA the whole NY, eastern PA, NJ, DE, MD area would be an ABA stronghold.

    Ham, you should have raced Mullica around 2000. The parents used to drink there. And they didn’t wait till the races were over either!


    yah im 2000, i was working at a bar and getting loaded every night of the week…i dont think i rode my bmx at all that year.. it was up on the wall.. i wanted to ride it.. just had no desire to


    there was a barry and a bret or brad they were brothers .i raced barry once he pulled the brakes in a novice main and let me take the win so he didnt get the 1 becuase he didnt want move up pionts i did crash his brother though once. what a tool he tried for nat 1 for a few years he never got it


    i just got word that eddie haller is going to race the eht national.. he raced braddock on team avis, with miles davis.. shit..thats awesome he is gonna ride


    Ok, I have an 8 Rookie. He started in 2004, raced a few races then broke his arm (not on his bike). Anyway, he raced the EHT Nat last year, got royally wooped and didn’t make his main. He ended up NJ#2 in 7 Rookie last year. This year I started him out as a rookie to see how he did. Second overall both weeks at HC. I told him it is up to him when he turns Novice, unless he is creaming the competition. We had 2 new 8 rookies this past week and I could tell they were outclassed. He tends to have somewhat of a self confidence problem but is pretty psyched so far this year. I am encouraging him to turn Novice for Sunday at the Nat. One thing I would NEVER allow him to do would be to sandbag on purpose in order to not get points. Thats pathetic!


    Here is an update on the 17+ Rookie with 22 nationals in.

    Points race
    1 local 9/11
    1 local 9/10
    1 local 9/17
    1 local 9/24
    1 local 2/26
    1 local 3/11
    1 local 3/11
    1 local 3/25
    2 Ft Walton
    2 Ft Walton
    2 Dothan
    2 lexington
    2 US open

    These are just the races I found on the net.

    National and Regional wins are 2 move up points.

    15 points and you get moved to the next class.

    I’m glad someone at the home office is keeping an eye on moveups.


    I was just thinking that ‘hey, theres still competive at the rookie level’, then it occurred to me THATS THE PROBLEM! cuz knowone wants to move up for some reason.

    I called the NBL yesterday about my sons moveup points. They told me that I need to email them with his name, address, NBL #, last 4 digits of his social security number and they will perform an audit and MAIL the results to me.


    they should have all that crap on the nbl computer and it should be able to pop right up..slackers


    Jess – see if you can get the info on that 17+ rookie and have the NBL audit him.

    Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-Believable. 😯


    It will not happen. Someone in his age/class would have to request an audit.


    Anthony, aren’t in that class?

    I do not think it will do much other than get him moved up to Novice. No loss of points etc.

    I caught a kid racing Intermediate ABA and winning yet he was racing Rookie at the NBL nationals to get cheap wins. I turned him in to the NBL and they moved him up to Novice but did not take any of his points away. He was also being used on a Team NBL National team (who was raking in a fair amount of money) as a for sure win at the nationals. They also had a bunch of kids who had finished #2 Rookie the year before still racing the Rookie classes as easy wins also. They were turning in team sheets with higher points than the factory national teams.

    They got the money yanked from them and lost their team points though.

    Now they have reduced the information on their website as much as they can to keep me from finding out what they are up to. It just makes me work a little harder. 😉

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