#RememberThis-A quick North to South in NJ…

Just though we’d drop in a couple things from the NJ local scene here in preparation for the cold days ahead. One is Ed Herbison BMXNJ Magazine cover man from Issue 1, displaying his skillz at Shields and also…a couple shots from contributing photographer Brandon Squire of SJ local Tristan Kemp…great shots. Bundle up…(cut me […]

#RememberThis- Erik Otto of Monolithic Entertainment Gives Us His Top 5’s

Erik Otto is the founder and creator of Monolithic Entertainment where he makes a bunch of cool flatland videos. He also makes web videos pretty frequently. He is a good rider and resides in PA. His website is, www.monolithic.us and his video page is www.vimeo.com/monolithic , check them out for some great videos of some […]