Welcome to the wonderful world of Louis. I am going to update this as much as possible. Probably 2-3 times a a week. I know, that’s a lot. Sike. I’m really busy, so if you really are into reading this than I think you are, let me know. This is just my starter. If anyone takes half of the crap I say seriously, please stop reading. If I offend you, deal with it. If my opinion is different than yours, deal with it. If my riding style influences you, let me know. Give me ideas about what to write about, who to interview, who to take pictures of, whatever dude. Please, also note, that my name is Louis and that is what I prefer being called. Loudogg is okay, but I like Louis much more. Sorry. Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy this, give me some feedback and let’s get metal. \m/