Erik Otto is the founder and creator of Monolithic Entertainment where he makes a bunch of cool flatland videos. He also makes web videos pretty frequently. He is a good rider and resides in PA. His website is, and his video page is , check them out for some great videos of some of your favorite riders and maybe some you’ve never heard of. Here is his Top 5 list, enjoy.

Top 5 Bands:
1. Radiohead
2. The National
3. Immortal Technique
4. M83
5. Editors

Top 5 Bmx Brands:
1. Odyssey
2. Ares Bykes
3. Sequence
4. Fit
5. Animal

Top 5 Flatland Riders You Are Stoked On:
1. Jeff DesRoche
2. Stephen Cerra
3. Shintaro Misawa
4. Matthias Dandois
5. Terry Adams

Top 5 Street/Park/Vert Riders:
1. Van Homan
2. Scotty Cranmer
3. Edwin Delarosa
4. Mike Aitken
5. Jamie Bestwick

Top 5 Flatland Bmx Videos:

1. Discovery
2. Wheelies
3. Flatsphere
4. Background
5. R.U.M.

Top 5 Street BMX Videos:
1. FitLife
2. Etnies Grounded
3. Animal All Day
4. Odyssey Electronical
5. Etnies Forward

Top 5 Cars:

1. Honda Element
2. Scion XB
3. Hyundai Sonata (My current POS car)
4. Audi R8
5. Honda FCX Clarity

Top 5 Websites That You Visit Daily:

2. MySpace
3. Facebook
4. Bang Bros
5. Suicide Girls

Top 5 Riders Of All Time:

1. Kevin Jones
2. Matt Hoffman
3. Dennis McCoy
4. Martti Kuoppa
5. Paul Osicka

Top 5 Favorite Spots To Ride:

1. Coble Park (new my house)
2. The Hidden Spot in York
3. The Art Museum in Philly
4. The PG in York
5. Flow Mountain (Cerra’s Indoor spot in Scranton PA)

Places You Want To Visit:

1. Japan
2. France
3. Germany
4. Hungary
5. California

Essential Items To Bring With You On A Trip:

1. IPod
2. clean underwear
3. spare tubes
4. GPS if you are driving
5. spare batteries for cameras

Shout outs?

Hmm, so many people that inspire me or have helped me.  Here goes.

Tony Strickler from Mountain Top Fabrications
Steph Cerra
Kevin Jones
Digger Brown
Mike Tittle
Terry Adams
Scott O’Brien
Mickey Gaidos
Mark Dandridge
Chris Balles
Rodney Williams
The entire Austin Texas Crew
Alain Massabova at Cream
The Frenchmen (Alex, Matthias and Raph)
York Uno
Hector Garcia
Huck Edwards
Art Thomason
Kelly Baldwin
Josh Duffek and Jim McKay
Aaron Frost
Lachlan Cameron
Ed Nussbaum
Jeff DesRoche
James McGraw

I could go on and on with shout outs.