Brett is the reason this website exists. He is the main man behind wanting to explode New Jersey BMX. He has probably been riding longer than I have been alive. He is truly a BMX Legend. Even though he gets some hate from time to time, he should be one of the most respected dudes out there in BMX. Keep on keepin’ on Brett. Here are his Top 5’s:

Top 5 Bands:
2. Boston
3. Rage Against The Machine
5. Kid Rock

Top 5 Bmx Brands:
1. Inopia….
2. SE
3. Animal
4. Hyper
5. Redline

Top 5 Riders You Are Stoked On:
1. Dennis McCoy
2. Kevin Jones
3. Phil Delizia
4. Al Dimino
5. Terry Adams (The dude knows how to rep flat today)

Top 5 Bmx Videos:
1. Joe Kid On A Sting Ray(I lived it, LOL)
2. All of the Dorkin stuff from BITD (get the DVD’s!)
3. Every
4. BMX
5. web video that riders are putting out today, Rep it dogs! Yeah for Vimeo,

Top 5 Cars:

1. Aptera (google it)
2. Everyone
3. else
4. needs
5. to get a clue

Top 5 Websites That You Visit Daily:

2. CNN
3. BMXNJ (shameless plug)
4. Inopia
5. FatBMX

Top 5 Favorite Spots To Ride:

1. My front yard! (There is a couple little jumps there) (dirt)
2. Skatepark down the street (park)
3. Road in front of my house (flat)
4. The trail from Allaire state park to Manasquan, cool trip with the lady!
5. Just riding the BMX bike anywhere is a good thing when you are 43, being
able to ride is…cool.

Places You Want To Visit:
1. Omaha Beach Memorial (my Dad landed there on D-Day)
2. A new track run by a racer from NJ
3. Florida Keys
4. Argentina…(inside, well not a joke but inside knowledge)
5. A better state of mind when I get occasionally down

Essential Items To Bring With You On A Trip:
1. Razor
2. Deodorant
3. Laptop
4. Camera
5. If at all possible my bike

Top 5 Favorite Riders Off All Time:
1. Stu Thomsen (First bowl rider, first 360, all around great BMXer, still
can smoke em at FIFTY!)
2. Dennis McCoy (I first saw him in 85 at the AFA Masters and he was just as
hyped on BMX then)
3. Charlie Litsky RIP NJ (One of the first great promoters of BMX in NJ,
great attitude)
4. Bob Warnicke RIP NJ (Vice President of the NBL, brought BMX to the Cycling
Hall of Fame, and was a decent cruiser racer)
5. George Hoernig (You will all find out)

Shout outs?
#1 to you Louis, after being around for 32 years, it’s crazy how many people
I’ve seen come and go, and I always seem to find one or two guys who want to
stick with this BMX thing because they really believe in it with all they
got, guys like you, George, Mike, Rod and many others. Guys who just wanna
help BMX.
My gal Christine, who keeps sticking with me and this BMX thing, it’s
important to have someone who believes in ya.
Every BMXer I’ve ever met, if you feel as though I did ya wrong, I’m sorry.
If you’re stoked to know me, thanks and I will do whatever I can to help ya.
I’m here for the long haul so to all my friends, it’s gonna be fun! To all
the haters…it’s gonna be REAL fun..hehehe