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    I always thought that it was a simple math:

    Promotion + Promotion = New Riders

    you can never promote enough……I don’t understand how you could be sued for hanging tags on the handlebar of a bike?


    These are things make me wonder what some are thinking.
    Think not why you can’t, but how you can, and success will be yours


    More consideration was given to whether Glenn should come into the series than consideration was given on how to promote the series.

    Those are the kinds of things that bother me.


    on a side note=== glen and a couple of other pottstown locals (bob denny, joey casidy)– were heavilly responsible for the pro am races at mullica hill that you guys always hear me talking about

    i would welcome them to the state series w/ open arms



    The primary reason I have heard for back to back qualifiers was that it is easier to get volunteers. Not saying I agree with that, just what I have heard. That being said, I think it is stupid! However, its also hard to fit them in seperately when the championship is in August.

    Anyone know when other states in the NE hold their championship?


    answered my own question… PA Sept 16, NY Sept 16, CT Sept 10, or something like that!


    I love you man.


    the state championship race was ALWAYS in sept untill the regional series forced nj to push it back to aug because of the aug 31st cut off for points. i think folks gunning for regional points wanted to use that race/ triple pts for the regional. why then cant nj use another race for triple pts instead? can they use a warnike race or just make 1 designated local as a triple super duper special local??? sounds do able.

    i agree why not make the state champoinship late sept / early oct before the weatehr gets crappy plus it would help keep the riders at the tracks longer…

Viewing 8 posts - 76 through 83 (of 83 total)
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