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    I absolutely love coming to your track, i only wish it was a little closer(1hr 30min). But going to Gentilcore’s track after is an extra ensentive. I hope NJ does the right thing and lets you in the state series. With that said, i dont think it is necessary for you to have to change your race time or day just to be apart of the state series. I look foward to seeing u at your track next year!


    Your answer is the perfect one to explain my point, You love going there, we need to make it so people love coming to ours. Debbie in the PM you sent me you hit on some of the probs, if they were taken care of life would be great


    We will be closing NJ tracks during Pottstown qualifiers correct?
    I still think we should break the qualifiers up to running one a weekend instead of double headers like the nbl does at regionals and nationals.

    We have got to stop following all the bad things the nbl does and start making up our own minds.


    I was also wondering how people felt about pushing the state championship back to later in the year.
    I know that all of that has to do with the state championship being the only triple pointer we can have in the year, but it is REAL weak that our season basically ends in august.
    Again, the question has to remain, do we follow weak nbl rules, or follow our own course to build our program?

    With 8 state qualifiers now, it’s going to be a tight squeeze for things.

    (By saying that, I guess I sort of reveal I am behind Glenns track coming in)


    Wow, big thread! A couple things…
    I cant see any reason Pottstown would be a bad idea. None. If HC cant survive without the few riders, then it must DIE! (just kidding!).

    Sue NJBMX, or a track? For what…WE HAVE NO MONEY!!!

    The new Asst State Commish was not “installed”…it was more or less “who is qualified and would want it”. Vinnie did not. I am not qualified and did not want it. So, this is who was left, qualified or not.

    As for flyers, we (that means us, hopefully with the blessing/support of the board and tracks) need to come up with a way to coordinate this as a state. More importantly, the powers that be at each track need to coordinate this for each track. I was not at the HC meeting. I could guess who the new director is, and from the comments here, it doesnt look good for promotion. HOWEVER, we as HC local riders need to convince this person that it will work and how we are going to do it. Like I said earlier…what could they possibly sue us for? We have nothing!

    One more thing… isnt there some creative way we could have a triple point state race in August and the championship race later? Theres gotta be a way to get around it. What are they gonna do, kick NJ out of the NBL???


    Loren, check your PM


    (and make sure you read this with my usual, laughing, smiling, joking face and demeanor, lol!)
    When there are several people who are qualified but do not meet the criteria, the criteria that is needed being ~nbl official for two years~ maybe the criteria should be changed. I would have to say there were at least 3 other men in that room qualified to be asst state commisioner but haven’t been been holding an “officials” license for two years.
    It’s sort of a bummer when you see people with so much enthusiasm just left to the way side…
    And I’m not sitting here saying someone is a bad person or anything, I’m just saying people that are AMPED UP on this thing should be sitting in a position to get things moving, otherwise you get stagnation.
    Do you sorta know where I’m coming from?
    There were people sitting in that room that had over 20 years of BMX experience and it sorta hurts to do that…
    Shouldn’t the people in charge be people who communicate well…
    with everyone?
    I’m hoping you realize I’m not trying to come off as a d**k…


    i think when binghamton was in our series we did back to back to make it easier for them to join and allows folks just say from eht to go and race there 2x in one weekend. think about it- if its over 2 hrs for me in north jersey then its over 4 hrs for a rider from eht which is kind of far for a state race… it was done i believe to make it easy for the riders. they camped out there( 357 mag at the bedside..lol) or did the hotel or only one day ifyou prefer.

    the hotels in pottstown area are very reasonable esp the one next to the track. the track seems to have enough space for camping so i dont see how a back to back for 1 weekend makes a difference. the only thng for their riders to come to us would be a hike but thats their choice i guess.


    Futhermore, if they can change their rules to elect someone, why not make them so they can get some new blood in ther. The way NJ has the system set up, it almost makes it impossible to get in


    I’m curious how long have they been running state races back to back like they do….

    they they they, lol


    Here is another way to look at this. Take the scenerio, that BMX booms again, biggest thing since the ginsu knife, now you have tons of new riders, and lo and behold, you have new tracks. Lets say three. With new tracks, would come new voting members on the board. My, now what if they don’t think like the current group, things would be in total dissarray


    The time from our track to the NJ tracks is alot less than going to Pittsburgh area for a State race. The farthest track in NJ is probally EHT and from our track to there is only about 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 hrs (give or take for Philly traffic).
    From our track to:
    Flemington – 1 1/4 hrs
    Howell – 1 1/4 hrs
    These are from track to track, I have traveled to each of the tracks many times so I shouldn’t be to far off.

    But like I said it’s alot closer than driving 5 hrs for a state race.


    I was just thinking that it would be cool to split up the races so that way people who might not have had the one weekend free for pottstown got another shot at running the track and visa versa.
    The distance from the tracks is almost like running from hc to eht..whats the biggie.

    Glenn, you sound like a good solid promoter of the local scene and that’s your focus which is what all us guys on this side of the fence are looking for.


    Glenn, we have no problem with that, it’s a no brainer, it’s just any sugestion you make to draw new riders here is met with little enthusiasm. Take for instance, hanging flyers in bike shops on bikes. Already an approved method by both sanctions, the answer “what if a shop got sued as a result”, with that kind of narrow minded thinking, we may as well cut the frames up, and take up fishing


    I like the idea of having the state qualifiers spread out instead of double header weekends. If you really put some thought into this, we can make it work.

    Also, I am in favor of pushing back the state championships. I remember being at the Grands talking with folks and they could not believe we already had our State Championship race in AUGUST?????

    If we can have a Fall Classic, Vet Day race and Ironman late in the season, why cant our state champ race be in October? It will give more people a chance to get 10 good locals in as per the rules, and make it easier to spread out the qualifiers, thus giving more people the opportunity to make it to every track at least once, maybe twice. Personally, I prefer having every state qualifier on a Saturday, and by spreading them out, you can accomodate that. This way CJ doesn’t have to shut down on Sundays for the other qualifiers, EHT can promote an extra Saturday night race for after both Saturday qualifiers at CJ and maybe Pottstown could promote a Saturday night race after Flemington’s two Saturday qualifiers and vice versa, etc. Make friggin EVENTS out of them, tie them together, cross promote, come on!!!!!

    I remember Lake Melody BMX made it a point to talk it up at Braddock so we would all go there for a late afternoon race after Braddock in the AM. Or you’d go to Clayton after Deptford. You made a friggin DAY of it, and had a blast!

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 83 total)
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