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    no, he doesnt, flemington DIDNT want them.. he had like 300 of them, mostly national trophies..they are in a garbage dump somewhere


    We have a bunch of national trophies from the past 6 yrs that are just sitting in boxes. I know on a local level they sometimes let it go and let them race. The main thing is that alot of the riders out there that arent 16 yet dont have a large class in the state and want to race bigger motos. Look at this years expert classes all of the classes are going to be small. If there was a future pro class we wont be able to limite it to just experts. Theres alot of girls that always wana race the boys and even in the 16 & over open theres girls that race it. Its just somthing that victor brought up yesterday when I was talking to him about why he always wins motos at big races but blows up in the mains, and thats becuase he never gets to race a full gate except for nationals. This would be a chance to bring more excitment to the younger riders in the 15 & under group. Plus it would be able to get them ready for the 16& over open when they are old enough.
    I know it has to be brought up at the meeting, but if theres enough people that think it would be a good idea than what if we brought it up as a group. im going to talk to mike and see if we can do one at the jackfrost in march.


    8 man motos

    i miss that

    racing had more of a danger level once.. now its to safe.. except for the death pedals


    I know for a fact 3 of my guys would run the open.


    know it has to be brought up at the meeting, but if theres enough people that think it would be a good idea than what if we brought it up as a group.

    Count me in. Hey if will bring more excitement I and 3 other kids have your back.


    8 and under

    does that sound good? or what did you have in mind?

    prizes are the simple part.. im sure we all have “stuff” we can get ahold of…

    can they get a discussion started maybe online some night when everyone interested can offer suggestions and such maybe in the chat section here? would be nice to get the ideas all at once and talk about it before the meeting if whoever has some ideas…

    brett is that feasable?

    ct still does the trophy dash but they do it by track ea track has a trophy dash “champion/s” they enter in this open and the tracks all go for bragging rights. i think there are like 2 from ea track so 8 total in a one lap no crap race end of season. then they put the kids name on the trophy and pass it around. i dont know how they break their ages up but i can find out from roger… just another thought


    Start a topic, make it sticky.
    use it as you wish.
    use the chatroom to your left.
    it would be great to see all the parents come together and make something happen for all the younger riders.
    I mean…

    they are your kids….
    Now if I could get you all to stop driving big SUV’s for the sake of the future….
    oh well, one step at a time…LOL.


    how about we keep it just how it is.. give the kids something to look forward to.let them work for it . dammit.. stop changing rules, classes, and points every damn year


    I need the SUV to get all my stuff to the races, sorry.


    dave the open classes are always there just that they are so small now with no competition i think thats what victors bro is complaining about( and others)

    so technically they are not changing anything just combining a few open classes together, right?

    not changing rules just bending them to suit the changing times. low moto count etc just like they did with classes last yr( and then changed it back…lol)

    the open is the only place where the riders can see where they stack up and get some chasing time(if they are out in front all the time) remember the guy in front dosnt get faster its the ones chasing him right?

    when is this meeting anyway? any date set?


    I need the SUV to get all my stuff to the races, sorry.

    or do we need more tracks so we can travel less… —

    I’m sure Lisa will announce when the next state meeting is soon.

    Here let me get you guys started.


    If you want to make changes you can bring all this all up at the next State meeting on February 2nd.

    Here is something for the 15& under crew to think about. One of the big hang ups in the 16& over Pro open was you had to race class to be able to race the open ($40.00 in entrance fees). How many of the 15 & under parents are going to be willing to pay the extra it will take to run this open?


    they MUST wait till they are 16.. why is that such a problem?


    if we can get rid of the having to race class to race open that would solve that problem…

    but i dont think so if its mandatory with the nbl correct? maybe rich you can explain why that is a rule ?? i dont really ever remember reading why its that way??

    is it insurance reasons??


    We had open classes all the way down when I was raced in the 80’s. You didn’t have to wait till you were 16.

    Change the registration fee tallies.
    BEND the rules, MY GAWD if we don’t have the perfect storm of people MORE than willing to bend rules in charge right now then we NEVER will.

    Well maybe a couple people might be more willing to bend rules but those elections are for another time…


    well now its 2008, like you guys say, things evolve right.. gay clips, carbon, well now its the open class.. 16-and over

    thats how i think it should be.. but what do i know.. i drink to much and i hate racing

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