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    @bmiddaugh wrote:

    men racing in mini skirts

    There is no truth to the rumor that I am wearing a miniskirt when I race this year.

    Thats almost as bad as victor beeing a my size barbie for the howell holloween race. 😆


    @bmxer901 wrote:

    It is at the bottom right corner but is still in plain sight. The only thing that is not in plain sight is who it was. That is where witnesses that saw the kid around his bike and playing with his front tire came in.

    So was it in plain site or not? How can it be in plain sight yet you couldn’t see the person? So then you base what happened on second hand information?

    Let me get this straight, you see Victors bike in the corner of a video as someone is panning around the track following a race. You see a mysterious shadow near one bike in the middle of hundreds and then ask the 50 people walking around down there if they saw anyone in the area.

    Works for me. 🙄

    Both my brakes and Farsides mysteriously came apart this weekend (mine on the track and his in staging) but you don’t see us hitting sasquatch with the alien anal probe. And yes, if I had video of the probing or Brett in a mini skirt I would post it.

    If you are going to call someone out you better have some irrefutable proof our your going look like a ID10T.


    There was only 3 other bikes around his. you can clearly see his bike the only reason why you cannot clearly see th e person is becuase his back was to the stands. I guess me personally seeing th ekid around the bike and over 10 people saying that they saw the kid playing with the tire and then the parent that has it on video isnt good enough. The kids 14 getting ready to turn 15 in a couple of weeks so I guess he was desperate to beat a 13yr old. w.e bash me if you want try to make me out to be an idiot this isnt the first time that the kid did somthing to victor or his bike. Like I said it should stay on the track.


    Back to the stands or not, the person would be in plain view. You are trying to blame Mr. Simmons from what you are saying and I think that is plain BS. I spent some time with him, his mom and their friends down in Brazil. They are not the kind of people to pull that kind of crap. Mr. Simmon has enough skills to hold his own out there. Plus he was wearing his USA jersey and you would not have needed to ask who that was as he and John-Paul Pfifer where the only two people out there wearing them.

    If you are going to go out and call someone out like that infront of the whole world you better have 100% proof. Right now you you have about as much proof as an O’douls beer.


    i wonder why no parents or riders confronted him when it was happening..this is wht pisses me off… at the time it was happening just go up and say something already!!! its not like it was nightime or anything…. right?

    sounds like you know who it is so just confront them right? i dont have a prob with that at all..

    bottom line is dont leave your bikes unattended…. i guess you have to keep an eye out all the time or leave it in the pits where there are parents or other team riders around. it is hard keeping track of 2 bikes i can imagine if both of you are riding..


    @bmxer901 wrote:

    I didnt say I have the video, i said I saw the video. When I was rushing around trying to figure out what was going on a parent that was filming their kid cought it on tape and showed me. It is at the bottom right corner but is still in plain sight. The only thing that is not in plain sight is who it was. That is where witnesses that saw the kid around his bike and playing with his front tire came in. Ive seen it done where it has taken a few minutes to blow out. The only way itl blow out right away is that if you stab it all the way through the tire and tube. If you get it through mostly the tire it wont blow right away.
    Wow I didnt know I would be bashed for bringing up someones tire beeing slashed. Where was this site when we first started racing 6 years ago. people would have a bunch of questions and know why bmx has gone down hill so bad. I wish you were around last year when my 13yr old brother was beeing theatened to get killed by a 36yr old man at eht. Then someone would have maybe stepped up and said it was wrong instead of ignoring it.
    Lets hope this isnt what people see when they tune in to the olympics.

    I don’t think that anyone has bashed you. You posted on here that you know who the person is that slashed your brothers tire and then you say you saw the whole thing on video. Now you say that you can’t see who it is and that people say they saw the person around his bike.

    Do you understand that anyone could have done it. I wasn’t there but why would you come on and accuse someone of something that you did not see them do.

    I don’t remember anyone posting on this site when your brother was threatened that they thought he deserved it or say anything bad. Once again I was not present to the event but I still do not think that it was appropriate that a man would need to threaten anyone that young.


    I was at a freestyle contest this weekend.
    no drama.

    oh and a racer got 3rd in the beginner class.
    news at tomorrow night.

    There was about 50-60 riders there….

    TWENTY TWO in the beginner class.
    So the guy who won….um…
    Why racers likeuh dwama so mooch?


    Post video.
    Drama over.
    Truth prevails.

    …..Jesse, ichsnay, skirtsnay videotskay and blackso suburbanonski…

    nudge.. 😆 😆


    I kept nate’s bike with me in the stands, just to be safe. It was easy with his small bike, but I would have been locking my stuff up for sure during the day. Way too many people walking around piles of bikes.

    I saw Rich fixing his brakes and wondered if someone messed with his stuff. I am glad I suck at racing, and no one needs to mess with my stuff.

    Even if the kid didn’t do it, there is no reason for him to touch another riders bike. So that kid was in the wrong either way! Nate would get yelled at for touching stuff that isn’t his.


    what ever its done its over. I would have kept victors bike in the stands but your not aloud to. I was told by many people he did it and they saw him. The parent that had it on video was from sc so its not like I can just post it up. They stopped me when I was going to andy. Like I said I wouldnt have thought he would do somthing like that. Victor has known him for awhile and has raced him many times.
    Also yhea I did post it up when victor was threatened by the older rider and what did he get for suspended from the eht track. what did the guy get the same 30 day suspension. No one stepped up and said the guy was in the wrong they all let us deal with it and thats why my whole family got suspended from our home track. Its nice that a guy from NY got a 30 day suspension from a track that he said he was never going to return to anyway.
    I never said it was menardo simmons did I. Why are you bringing him up?
    So according to you we only have like 10 people who saw him play with a bike and a video of his back to the bike. Ok im sorry for what ever happened. Is that better.

    congrates to everyone who made their mains and represented nj in a good way.
    there thread over


    Just to clear one thing up. if I was 100% sure as to who did it I would have confronted them at the race and would have named them instead of posting someone slashed his tires. Thats why we confonted the nbl and said someone, just to try and get a couple of minutes to fix it. If it still bothers victor he will confront the rider and ask him. If he says no than itl be dropped. Thats if its not dropped by than. Victor is the only rider on factory avent that rides just nbl he is also the only rider on the east coast with a tr7 frame. His bike stands out so everyone knows whos it is. It could have been anyone, he is cocky so many people have problems with him. Once again that is why I did not name the person that supposably did it. Its just weird that a bunch of people are al confronting us saying the same thing.


    First you say you know who did it, now you say your not sure. You need to make up your mind.

    I have now officially grown tired of this thread.


    Has no comments about the weekend, but the song “Church” by T-Pain is a good way of explaining it.

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