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    NJ is doing well, They are just starting the mains for today. I’ll get all of the updates up as soon as I hear them.


    I was told that Trilogy Pro Shop got first today in Team NBL. Not bad for their first national team sheet huh?




    current update for day 1.
    victor 13x 2nd just inches from the ant
    victor 13-14 cruiser 3rd
    ant 13expert 1st
    ant 13-14 cruiser 4th
    me 4th
    jim mulhurn 4th
    sean mulhurn 3rd
    taylor farside 2nd
    rich 1st
    shane swenson 16rookie 2nd

    sorry if I misspelled anyones name or if I missed anyone I lost my paper that had everyones places. I know I missed at least 4-5 people.


    Sorry guys dont really have an update from day 2
    victor 20″ 5th or 6th
    victor 24″ 6th ( the best part is, is that a certain competitor slashed his tires. Dont worry hes from v.a)
    ant 20″ I beleive 2nd
    ant 24″ I think 2nd or 3rd
    karl Greis 5th
    um I think rich got 1st of course
    Not to sure on anyone else.
    In 13 expert the best moto had to of been victor and ant. Both motos they battled it out side by side. 1st moto victor went for an inside move and hit a pile of sand on the inside and slid right out. Congrates to all who did great sorry I missed everyone today and that i missed a few from yesterday.


    Matt didn’t make the cut yesterday

    But today he made his first 15 ex main. (yesterday was his birthday) Not bad considering it was only his second big event in the class. He finished last, but he was in the show!! I’m d@mn proud of him for that alone. 😀


    Gabe did O.K. not what I normally can expect from him, he is usually very consistant.
    He made all of his mains, took 4th on Sat in the main. I don’t know what happened on Sun. He did great in every moto but there was always an issue. He unclipped in one moto and it took him a whole straight to get in back in but he went from dead last to 3rd. It sucks to because he was in first until he unclipped. Can’t win em’ all.

    In the Main, he had gate 8 which he hates! he turned out a 6th in the main, at least he made it ,right?

    I’m proud of him though, he stuck it out and got over the issues of one moto and than dealt with the issues of the next.

    Congrats to all that made their mains!


    Anyone know how Gary Transue did?


    @njracer wrote:

    Anyone know how Gary Transue did?

    If I remember correctly, he made the main on Saturday but not on Sunday. I don’t remember the finish though for Saturday. He races in the same class as my son and I was focusing on his finish.

    Jeremy had a good weekend, after banging the gate on Saturday and getting 3rd he made up for it on Sunday by winning the 16X class. My youngest son Justin didn’t have as good of a weekend making it to his semi’s and just falling short of making it out.

    @bmxmom1001 wrote:

    I was told that Trilogy Pro Shop got first today in Team NBL. Not bad for their first national team sheet huh?

    This is one that I am very proud of. We have a local team from the track and they not only beat out two of the top teams from last year on Saturday, but as of when we left on Sunday they were in first again.


    Jeremy killed it yesterday, really impressive. Trackstars has some really nice looking uniforms this year. Weimar was looking good, pulled the move of the weekend grabbing 1st on Saturday. Went down hard yesterday, not sure how he is.

    Mike Gradwell pulled in podium finishes all weekend, including cruiser. Not bad since he just got it, so it was stock until they got time to make gear changes.

    Travis Jurrell won Elite open on saturday avoiding some carnage. Upshaw has sick bike skills, and was working hard to keep turn 2 in shape. I was impressed to see him out there with the shovel trying to fix and pack some bad spots.

    Cassidy Cox finished 2nd yesterday, I didn’t catch Saturday. I know she got some road rash from a crash, so she is tough little girl to come back and finish strong.

    Nate went 1- 1 friday by a straight in the pre race, then the comp showed up for the national. But he went 5-6(crash)-4 with a 2 in the main Saturday. He went 4-4 and a 3 in the main Sunday. Toys and Cookies seem to motivate him come main time!! His first national is out of the way now.


    Kevin thankyou for taking the time to give those updates Nate was doing good all weekend.


    I would probably remember more if I wasn’t so nervous about him and trying to learn all the NBL rules. I am still trying to figure out this whole move up award thing. I am used to simply counting wins.


    bmxer901…slashed tires?

    care to elaborate??

    other than that sounds like a great weekend…

    i think gary got 7th in the main on sat


    A rider was seen walking up to my brothers cruiser than spun the front tire. After that he pulled his hand out of his pocket makes a sudden jab movment toward the tire. Than he walks off quickly and you hear a bang than he runs. I tryed to show the video to the nbl but they wouldnt watch it becuase it wasnt their video. It was funnny considering victor was in the gate next to him and he was making hand jestures to his mom. I guess he didnt think someone would lend there bike to him. We know who did it and victor has to race him again, so it should be interesting. Im not sure how to spell his name but if it wasnt for laroque? from howell victor wouldnt have been able to race the main. All I know is he races 15 cruiser


    what you do to others comes back to you. And that just show’s that victor is THAT DAMN GOOD and people will do anything to try and stop him. DAMN reading this pisses me off!!!!!!!!! 😈

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