Yea, so earlier in the year my gal Christine is telling me that I should really show people what I can still do on my bike at 42, even though I don’t ride as much as I used to and have 2 jacked up knees from all that fun in my 20’s. We shot a little footie and then I heard this song on the XM in her car and said…yep that’s it, and to keep it a bit, “militant” and “progressive”, I tossed in some Rage Against The Machine lyrics just for fun, and a few jokes and inside stuff, to make a few of my friends laugh when they see it.

Yes, I still ride. Yes, I have a lot more to accomplish in the BMX realm. This is here because it is my personal belief that the average middle aged person today needs to know that there are a lot of “middle aged” people who ride BMX. It’s a diverse culture, this thing we call BMX and part of it is those of us who can still ride and do so to release some steam.

So here it is, my video answer to an email sent out about a year ago. For those of you who don’t like the leather…..


(be advised this video has some EXPLICIT lyrics, just your friendly Tipper Gore warning for the sheeples out there)