Thanks to Loudogg, I’ve found a couple more websites run by BMXers. The content isn’t just all BMX, some is political commentary, reviews, etc… Ya know the whole thing. The only difference is  you’re getting the thoughts, ideas and opinions of other grown up BMX peoples. Here they is…. : Set up by our own avid poster, Louis Orth, there’s tons of stuff on here about flatland, products, vids, what have you. Lou is currently in the college scene so you know there will be some interesting stuff there. : Run by the editor of DIG BMX Mag himself, Brian Tunney, this blog has tons of great stuff to read, there is too much to go into here but suffice to say if you are a BMXer, think outside the norm and like to laugh at times, read Brian’s blog. (I was just thinking how happy I am that some racer people no longer frequent my site as the name to his site would have them broiling! LMAO!)

So there’s a couple places to breeze through on your morning web commute to ethernet land. BMXers talking to BMXers about stuff other than…BMX…it happens, crazy world.

Disseminating BMX stuff done by NJ BMXers for over 3.75 years! (That’s like 200 years in interneticle terms)