Just wanted to throw a thank you out to some guys who have been giving BMXNJ.com some good press over the past year. Helps what I’m trying to do in NJ here. get the overall word out about how we are all good as all get out. Check these places:

flatlandandbmxnews  Louis Orth’s Site

bmxinvasion.com Al Dimino’s Site

efingersbmxteam  Efingers Team

23mag.com  You NEED to visit this site.

globalflat flatlanders united around the world

I have noticed a trend developing where forum sites are starting to not allow the blatant cross pollination of websites to each other which sorta started this whole internet revolution to begin with. I’m not going to pontificate how I feel about that because everyone has an opinion. To me it’s all about promoting BMX and more specifically telling the world how big NJ is in the sport. Thanks to these peeps for putting up words about this place, it means a lot.

2009, everyone strapped in? Ready to rock? See you m-fers at Hacketts and the Jump For Joy next Sunday the 29th.