BMXNJ is stoked to welcome JSteady, (Jon Stettler) and Mike Kuhn to the list of photographers that will be supplying shots to future issues of BMXNJ Magazine. Next issue will feature stuff from these guys who are making heads turn in the BMX world. Jon is renowned among the flatland circles in the area as one of the top guys out there visually chronicling the events of the flatland world. Check his stuff here as well as his personal page right here . Amazing local talent.

Mike Kuhn has been featured on ESPN’s BMX section of their website and has been killing the photography circles as of late, look for him to be lensing and riding at Jump For Joy. For some of his shots, scope out this webpage  you BMX mongrels! Look for Mike’s link on the site later in the week.

These guys join Dirk Lesko in taking the photography in BMXNJ magazine to a whole ‘nuther level. Thanks for stepping up and allowing us to use your shots in the magazine. BMXNJ all day, all the way.

Movin’ on up…