Just leaked on BMX Action Online.com. New Jersey’s own Kathy Schachel is to be inducted into the NBL BMX Hall of Fame alongside Stu Thomsen and Greg Esser at this year’s NBL Grand Nationals. Kathy was full factory Shimano during part of her tenure as one of the fastest women to ever race BMX in the early days. She was a staple at all BMX races alongside her brother John who was one of NJ’s first BMX racing pros. This is the inaugural year for the NBL Hall of Fame and this really makes a huge impact into the place of NJ in the history of BMX racing. BMXActionOnline has an interview with Kathy here: Kathy on Tuesdays 10 Here is a picture of her racing against Terry Fregoe of factory Thruster.
Congratulations to Kathy, the Schachels, and NJ.
To quote John Schachel, “A sport without a past, doesn’t have a future.”
A toast to one of NJ’s own getting some well deserved recogntion for their part in the formation of BMX.