The main man who learned backflips at 32 after a 16 year hiatus from BMX. The guy who brought you the Barn Ramp back behind the illustrious Christine Todd
Whitman’s house. The visionary who invented the Jump For Joy comp-jams, is at it again. BMXNJ was up near the other side of the Driscoll Bridge this weekend and was able to capture these spy photos of his ramp-yard in progress. When finished it will be insane!! 8′ 1/4 to jump box to 7′ to 5′ mini with an 8′ 1/4 to spine to wedges and smaller quarters on the side…for all intents and airs his entire yard will be one big ramp! In some of the shots you will see where the old dirt trails used to be behind his house. Bulldozed due to GREEDY A-HOLES who sold out township property for a quick profit and then went bankrupt leaving Steve with that view of post apocalyptic insanity behind his home. Trust me kids, greed is NOT good.

BMX however, is. If you get the invite to be lucky enough help out or ride at Steve’s, go. He is without a doubt the mellowest dude this side of Cali and welcomes BMXers from near and far to enjoy the vibe. Steve is also part of the 40+ club which makes him not only a great BMXer but a stud with the ladies. Word of a big jam late in September is starting to take hold. See ya there!