BMXNJ got word through the grapevine (George Hoernig) that TR and Area 51 local John Decaprio was having an art show and BMX demo at Brielle Cyclery’s new Asbury
Park location Saturday night March 14th. John has just started up a new clothing company called The Rapture and is running his own website named . John has a very upbeat positive outlook on not only BMX but life and his faith as well and wanted to bring out that side of the BMX lifestyle to the public at large.

The BMXNJ crew (me and my gal Christine from headed out Saturday evening to partake in Decap’s festivities. Just an aside here the Big D  himself is the cover man to the very first issue of BMXNJ Szine, (at that point NJBMX Szine) the man is walking NJ history. We arrived at the shop located in the revitalized Asbury Park Ocean Ave section just after 8 o’clock to see a bunch of people milling about outside the shop. It was a packed night in Asbury and Brielle Cyclery was jammed with tons of NJ BMX luminaries. Dave Pawson from Bulldog was showing his as* there, Big Daddy of SE fame was killing it. Brad Gethard Area 51 madman was out and about, even Scott Demarco was reppin’ the old school scene. Smack Clothing was in the house as well as Travis showing off his artistic goods.

I gotta say Asbury has really changed quite a bit in the last few years and the area is looking a lot better than it has in the past. The doors were opened in the front and rear of the shop, an impromptu street course was set up inside the shop and the local shredders were tearing it up in the small space of the Brielle shop. Big tailwhips, barspin 180’s, HUGE (yes, Huge for a 4′ tall, 4′ wide quarter) airs were being pulled inside that place. A couple different bands were kicking it in there and the night was just one big bash of positive BMX artistic energy.

John is hoping to throw down a few more of these events throughout the year and they look to be a good time and great way to showcase the creative talents of the huge NJ BMX scene.

George and I had to be pulled from the jam area by the little ladies that evening as the vibe was so good we would have stayed the whole night planning more stuff for the BMX future.

Keep your eyes open for lots of new BMX related events in the NJ-Pa area in 2009, and look for  more news about this event from our newest roving correspondent George Hoernig.

See ya out here riding,
The BMXNJ Crew.