Back in the early days of BMX on the east coast, 1984 to about 1990 or so…there was a well known BMX shop in Maryland called “Rockville BMX”. They were a small shop in a strip mall that hosted all the freestyle team tours back in those times, GT, HARO, Hutch, Vans, BMX Action, they all came through there. Also the home of now well known director, Spike Jonez, Rockville was to the 80’s what shops like 2×4, Ed’s and Grove Street are to the age of the internet. As an homage to my youth, I decided to bring back their iconic sticker that the shop would give out by the bucket load with orders you got in the mail, with a NJ twist. If you like ’em, send a self addressed stamped envelope to BMXNJ “Rockville sticker” 461 Silverton Rd, Brick, NJ 08723. If you hate ’em or are tired of hearing me talk about the “old days” then feel free to tell me off on Facebook, LOL….!