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    Woodward is nice for the most part. Been there for the last 2 Reg. Champs. Track is small, tight, and narrow. 2nd year better than first.
    Hotels are all at least 30-40 minutes from the track. Track food is just so so, fairly expensive, and only served during limited hours. Race workers couldn’t get dinner because they had closed before the end of the race.
    Cabins are nice if you have a group.
    Parking is literally about a mile from the track if you follow the paths and roadways. All up hill from the track. Pack what you need trackside in something on wheels.


    Thanks for the info. We were all set to go last year and my son got sick 😳 so we canceled.
    I’m really looking forward to go this year!!!

    Do they have tent camping ?? showers ??? I can log onto the site but looking for inside info Thanks


    Yes to camping. Way out in the parking area. Showers yes, communal.


    If all you guys piss and moan about the double that was at CJ I can’t wait till you hit the doubles on da Wood. 😆 They make’m big and deep there. The first year they had two ambulances running back and forth taking people to the ER. It wasn’t so bad last year.


    Go big or go to the ER, huh?

    Did I say I was going?? I think my wife said something about cleaning out the closets that weekend. Hmm.. 😉

    I’ll be there. That track looks a lot different than the one I raced in ’89.


    my luck ill clear 1 and 2nd one

    red and blue lights all the way to my 2nd home the ER lol


    woodward is a nice track, first straight is a bit downhill so you will be flying. If the track is the same as last year the first and 3rd straight is a bit hairy. I think the 35-39 cruiser class had 4 groups of motos, always a big turnout. Its the regional championship and its the 1st national of the new season so the turnout is big time.


    Those closets sure do need a cleaning…


    You better start on them closets now!


    We’ll both be in much better shape by September – but the more I get back into this – the more I realize just how nuts I am.

    I ran pretty good at Woodward BITD – but I know its been redone since then. By September we should be holding our own in cruiser.

    …and we’re doing this…why??? 😯

    Just think – by next year’s Grands and championships – I’ll be in 40-44 Cruiser with Farside & Frank Young!

    Gotta get back to those closets… 😆


    Where the track used to be is now a concrete park. You have to go all the way down to the bottom of the hill where the creek is. You go over the creek and up the next hill and the track is at the top. I have an old pic I can transfer out of my cell phone from the top of the track so you can get an idea of the change.


    if your kids plan on using the facilites there ( skate park or dirt jumps) its like $35-45/day for a wrist band so be prepared to spend big time..my son always wants to skate board but by the time the race ends and you go over its open till dark i think – they may put lights on for awhile i dont remember. i usualy tell him he can pick one of the 2 days to to the skatepark- its too expensive…the go carts are $5 a pop(four like 5-7 mins) and i think the pool is free…i dont remember anyone swimming last yr the yr before they did. we brought our camper listen to janeen…its a HAUL from camping or parking to the track so dont plan on shleping ANYTHNING thats not on wheels…its all uphill from the track back to your camp/car.bring lots of locks and just lock your chairs/tools whatever you can to your ez up down at the track area…. there is a section for large motor homes, reg campers and tent camping is off the side… cabins are expensive but if you get a group of folks you can live with for the weekend who get along( consider if you want your kids up all night or sleeping at a decent hr) they can be cheaper.

    my son loves it there but he wasnt too impressed with the track.you would think woodward would be top notch… jumps were so so… he said that the surface was really rough last yr not smooth and the turns werent smooth either. i think we are just spoiled here in jersey!! haha.

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