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    So, just wondering…
    Who here has been hitting up their town councils with ideas for BMX tracks and been offering to help out at Lumberton with theirs?
    And to answer your question, No the Brick one has not gotten off the ground yet as I don’t have the time to devote to it.
    But trust me I will.

    Someone did mention to me that Toms River was looking for something.
    Lumberton needs helpers to get it in good shape.
    Any news?


    I was thinking about that lumberton track on my way to work this morning !!!

    They were going to have a work party or something ???


    I’ll get that guys email who’s running it.


    i’ve been thinking about the dust bowl– not there any more– but niether is the pool– and taking a page from trilogy– old pool sites are good areas for tracks– they do nothing else with that park these days– besides softball bar leuges.


    That’s a track just waiting to happen !!!!


    That’s awesome because I know 2 incredibly responsible personable guys who could probably do an awesome job at putting together a place…. —


    not to pop anyones balloon or anything but wouldnt it be a good idea to improve the existing tracks that nj has first before starting up new ones…being it takes volunteers/ bodies to do all this work? when we have a track like cj that is on the come back with a new face lift and all, why not make the other 2 tracks of the same caliber first? if all the effort is split in the state to more and more tracks (be it practice only or race) there will be less ppl to help out with the other ones.. maybe its just me but i like to clean up one project before starting another ( yea i know brett you are all over the place so you have an excuse..lol)

    my fear is that if a track gets so rundown the next step is shutdown..that is not good for bmx growth in the state.

    if anyone has other ideas please let me know.

    i know eht had its issues with having to redo their track facilities due to vandalism and such and flemington is lacking volunteers to maintain their track . how bout we focus the attn on the tracks that need the help? plus when you go to the towns and want to bring them to a race to help them decide -what happens when they go to a track that does not look like its successful? i know its more than a facelift, its ongoing process but if there is no long term solution then anyone who helps out( no matter how much or how little) will be chasing our tails so to speak…

    just my 2 cents


    Here’s the poop man.
    The straight scoop.
    If someone like a few of these guys, opened a brand new track.
    Free of the dogma of the past, run by completely new individuals.
    Who were beholden to listen to no one other than themselves.
    What could be accomplished would be unlimited.

    The thought of a track completely run by guys who race and raced who know the sport from the side of the handlebar grips is almost overpowering.
    And I can promise when I get this “project” done I am working on, that a lot more steam will be put into getting a new track going.

    If rundown becomes shutdown, then there is nothing to do about it


    I want a BMX track in every town in NJ.
    Just like baseball, football and soccer.
    And I ain’t stopping till it happens.


    It’s been done B4


    i’m guilty– with every track being at least an hour or more from home– i don’t vol much. — i pick up trash everymorning at the egg and that’s about it.

    when mullica was still open (5 min from home) i was there like 4 times a week

    i barelly race locals because tracks are so far

    while you may think more tracks will hurt the ones we have– think about 15 years ago when tere was a track like 15 minutes in any dirrection.

    more tracks will bring out more people– bringing more vols.

    how many parents are going to be willing to get little timmy in BMX when they have to drive an hour top do so, or soccer lie three minutes from home


    LOL, that hat has ABA and Egg Harbor on it.
    I love it.
    I think this will be a productive winter for us.


    i hope i am wrong

    but when howell needed work ( and it really wasnt that bad before compared to some) what if everyone went their separate ways.


    “If rundown becomes shutdown, then there is nothing to do about it”

    this is what is called apathetic attitude… and personally i am really suprised that anyone with a long history in bmx would say this, no less a rider….


    Howell survives and is apparently doing well because it has a scene.
    Which is only gonna grow now that the people who have the bike shop are actively involved in BMX.
    Some of you may notice the CJBMX sign underneath the SC Action Sports sign now.
    Right on Rte 9 in Howell.
    But, if everyone went their way in Howell, then that would be the end of it.
    I don’t see that happening though.

    The sport of BMX racing on a whole needs a refreshing of life. If those who are currently in charge of whatever tracks cannot get enough people to them and they are unable to continue then they will shut down.
    Does it suck.
    But sometimes things like that happen for a reason.

    Apathy would actually be the people who would be currently in charge of something letting it become rundown.

    I am in charge of this website, (and actually the more I look at this websites interface the more I want to change it, lol)
    It’s up to me to be sure it doesn’t get “rundown”.
    The people in charge of their tracks have the same responsibility.
    You want volunteers, then you must treat people as though they are welcome and wanted.

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