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    then maybe a thought for next yr to be less confusing… a better idea to have the hyper series final on a different day than the championship so the state rules of having to have certain # races in to race class so you can race open…. dosnt affect the open final?

    just a thought. albeit a confusing one…

    what about a discount for those who have to race class to race open? even if its small its better than nothing…the only prob i can see with that is the track gets less money as the money open cash all goes back to the riders so the local track takes the hit, is this correct? i am not versed in registration so if anyone can confirm this please do…


    The Hyper Series was designed to generate interest in a sport where interest was, to put it kindly, waning immensely.
    I and many others believe it is doing it’s job.
    I also believe that it can be run as a seperate series on the day of all state races and the championship.
    People just need to learn that rules can and should be bent in order to achieve things that are good for all.
    I believe that you are correct in the riders being able to get a discount on entrance fees for class but I feel that once a rider turns SIXTEEN, they should be allowed to say:
    I no longer wish to race for trophies at the state level, I want to race with the fastest guys for something bigger.
    In effect they become the heroes to the next generation of riders.
    I care not for rules that were put into effect by parents who were more concerned with whether their kid gets a trophy than for the whole of the sport.
    (not directed at you Deb, — )


    If I was in charge of BMX right now, here would be the classes.
    B Pro
    A Pro
    age groups as follows
    6 under
    um, thats for 20 inch…
    beginner classes would follow suit but you are only beginner for 5 races, I don’t care if you rock or suck, 5 races then you are out.
    experts get plates, everyone else, move to expert.


    publish that please in next months bt

    hit the nail on the head….


    hey, they won’t even spell my name right in the shit I submit..
    Brett McDaugh, lol!

    They’ll hear from us in AC or Valley Forge…
    Damn if CC is held in Valley Forge that would be some fitting shit!


    BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! All this ranting is ot going to change anything…. This is new this year and with new ideas and innovations caome future changes from things learned from past doings. Let’s take this year as a learning experience and change things for next. Sooooooooooo everyone needs to collectively get their ideas and opinions together and discuss for next year. Leave things alone for now and change the future. This will make things easier and be3tter for all for this year. My god, we only have 1 qualifier and the championship left. Maybe we should have discussed this earlier. But we definately need to discuss thi for next year.

    PS Great job and thank you to Rich, Glen & Brett for getting this together and executing it and seeing it through. Obviously this is not making easy for them to want to continue this next year. they are probably thinking …… “why should I bother, no one appreciates it, they just pick at things and make a good thing difficult.”

    Any way the Pro’Am series is a great thing – class/open whatever it may be it is a good thing!!!!


    NO way bro, we love this shit, it’s like being in the middle of a stacked main but without the risk of bodily injury.

    I keep putting this out there because I want all the older guys to NOT have to race class and open next year or at the very least pay a severely reduced entrance fee for class.
    I mean I know you guys are all jonesing for those plates…

    Bottom line
    We’re gonna do things better every year and all we ask is for you guys to give input and stop letting people tell you what to do and start telling people what YOU want to do.

    Oh and if you start discussing this stuff now it makes it easier in say Jan-Feb to implement.
    Oh and we love meetings, we absolutely love them, we want them all the time, let’s all just sit back and bullshit about BMX and hey if ya ain’t got the time it’s all good but we prefer those who can show up and talk.


    i dont even want a state plate.. if its a computer made piece of paper thats lamenated.. keep it.. i have no use or want for garbage like that


    [quote=”PS Great job and thank you to Rich, Glen & Brett for getting this together and executing it and seeing it through. Obviously this is not making easy for them to want to continue this next year. they are probably thinking …… “why should I bother, no one appreciates it, they just pick at things and make a good thing difficult.”

    Any way the Pro’Am series is a great thing – class/open whatever it may be it is a good thing!!!![/quote]

    I have to agree, it is very frustrating. There has been nothing but reluctance since the beginning. There has constantly been “drama” since the beginning about this series. People not wanting it, not thinking it could be done this year, rules, etc. but with some effort, these guys were able to get it done and running. 😀

    Also… discussions are great but when there are only 2 races left, I dont think that it is fair to create upheaval. Lets finish this year and move on for next. We can all make things better for next year.

    And…………… Open discussions in person are the way to go… there is just tooooo much background talking being done and usually being voiced through certain individuals. We need everyones ideas and not by way of “whispering down the lane” (just a phrase) Everyones ideas and opinions need to be heard. Also everyones HELP is needed. Again, BMX is a volunteer sport without volunteers, there is NO organized BMX.

    Glen & Rich are very open and receptive to ideas and willing to take additional help. It is not “their” thing this is EVERYONE’s. Instead of putting it off another year, they made it happen.


    i was unaware there were any negative comments/ people complaining how “frustrating” it was concerning this series…so if i am uninformed i apologise… i was under the impression that it was nothing but positive comments coming from the riders. the discussion that has started was just to clarify somethings before the championship… not meant to pick apart the series… when you have somethng new there will and should be discussions on an ongoing basis..thats what makes it successful.

    i think alot of times when ppl make comments that are meant to be helpful or suggestions they are taken as a negative which i cant understand. dialog is good its called progress. when folks stop talking and communication comes to a halt then thats when the problems start.

    personally i havent heard 1 neg comment or complaint.


    Rich and myself have been holding off on posting anything until we were able to get a few things worked out, but we want to let everyone know that we are working on a couple of things and need everyone to be patient.

    When Dave P (poohbear) first brought up this topic in the beginning of the season, we thought this could be something great. We sat down and figured out all the rules, points and worked on sponsors. We were very happy when Clay from Hyper decided to be the title sponsor for this series and we were able to get a great group of race sponsors to help out in this series.

    We then brought everything to the State Commish and he, and others, thought this could be a great thing. As with anything new, there are a few bugs to be worked out and we told all the racers on the first Pro/Am race that at the end of the season we want to get all there input on what worked and what they would like to see different. To us this is there series and they should all have input into it. We do understand that there is going to be things that need to be discussed and worked out, but we need to get thru the end of the series before we start getting ahead of ourselves.

    We had the chance to sit back at a few of the Pro/Am races and watch and when you see people lining up on the fences and little kids saying “this is great”, its a great feeling to see and hear. To see the olders racers with a renewed spirit in running the State Series and in hanging around the sport is great to see. We are able to allow the younger riders to see what kind of talent the older riders have, instead of just watching them practice and leave.

    We would like to thank all the sponsors and riders who have embraced this series and we cant wait to start working on bigger and better things for the 2008 season, but we still need to finish the 2007 season first.

    Hope to see everyone down at EHT in September for the last State & Pro/Am qualifier. We will post any updates when they are available.

    Rich Farside
    Glen Knapper
    Dave “poohbear” Pawlowski


    Personally I think the Pro-am is a great thing. Watching those guys got me pumped to get on the gate. Even my wife sits and watches. And i know of 3 guys who are “chomping at the bit” to race this but they got a few years. So Glenn Rich Clay Dave please keep this series going. Becasue it is only gonna get better. Rumor has it someone is gonna make a surprise appearance at EHT. (no I am not talking about me)


    all the credit goes to you guys– i had a very small hand in the making of the series in the very begining– but life drug me away– i deserve no credit

    thanks though



    Getting started is the hardest part !!!! —

    But they should have called it ” THE HYPER POOHBEAR PRO/ AM “


    The only reason I put this out there is…
    in case anyone decides the rules should be changed last minute.
    I.E: Only allowing people who race 5 races to race the open at the championship, when
    A. This race is a seperate series to begin with.
    B. You’ve always been allowed to race open only at the championship if you aren’t qualified to race your class.
    C. No where in the nbl rules does it talk about “money” and seperate “trophy” opens.

    They ain’t, I’m watching and good luck to everyone in the finals.

    Oh and the other reason is…
    so everyone sees where the inconsistancy lies and where it should be changed for next year.

    I.E.: The series should be completely open without need to race class at any race.

    ’nuff said.

    See everyone in Sept and October,
    Pot stirrer Brett.

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