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    Sunday, Dec. 16

    ***This event is for the following riders and their families ONLY***
    (elections will be held at the Hunterdon County Library at a later date)

    1. Filippone, Paul
    2. Koval, Christopher
    3. Brazdovic, Skyler
    4. Haney, Jeremy
    5. Haney, Josh
    6. Mattis, Mitchell
    7. Wheeler, Jonathan
    8. Painter, Ben
    9. Staudt, Bradley
    10. Wheeler, Richard
    11. Madeano, Marc
    12. Filippone, Luke
    13. Kowski, Alexander j
    14. Zrelak, Justin
    15. Wheeler, Maxwell
    16. Heitmann, John
    17. Kuder, Michael
    18. Dichiaro, Nick
    19. Harris, Zachary
    20. Tribus, Karsten
    21. Shreve, Ryan
    22. Petrillo, Anthony
    23. Reynolds, Bradley
    25. Muessig, Danny
    26. Martin, Tj

    1. Kowski, Whitney

    1. Zrelak, Rick
    2. Worrell, Chris
    3. Smith, Shawn
    4. Tribus, Nils
    5. Danek, Gail

    Eva Karkas Home
    36 Rainbow Hill Rd
    Flemington, NJ 08822

    Bring your favorite dish!
    (please call Eva and let her know what you can bring)

    Jacket Awards!

    Roundtable/open forum meeting to plan for the 2008 season at HCBMX!

    Bring your ideas and suggestions to help make BMX racing even better next year


    What if we cant make it . How can we get the jackets ?


    loren is this the meeting to vote for officers as well?


    If you cannot make it, contact Matt or myself and we will make arrangements to get you the jackets.


    so this event is only for those who are on the jacket list, but then it says “roundtable discussion”..its not a track meeting as there are those who are interested in discussion about the future of the track but if they are not on the list they are not invited?

    so the roundtable discussion is “closed” only to those on the jacket list?

    loren i think it would be helpful if you postee a clarification on elections /or lack of them for that matter, as i understand they will not be occuring for the 2008 season? if the current board decided to stay on “for one more year”.

    please let people know who want to be involved what EXACTLY is going on. im sorry i am not trying to start anything just looking for facts.


    It is an event for those riders who earned jackets…get over it.


    wow loren, im suprised. you post one thing to me privately and another on this site.

    i guess things will stay as they are then. my concern is not the jacket awards -it was the meeting/elections that were never finished. i understood in your last email/announcement it would take place after the jacket awards.

    that is why i asked.

    sorry for trying to keep EVERYONE who is interested in positive change informed , not just certain people.


    a closed meeting thats only open to those riders and parents who have spent 690746907476$ to get a jacket ..


    yep.. bmx racing in nj sucks


    Wow, I thought Matt didn’t want it anymore, Hmmmmmmmm change of heart for what reason? Should be interesting in NJ next year.


    please let people know who want to be involved what EXACTLY is going on. im sorry i am not trying to start anything just looking for facts.

    how dare you!!! ask for information …..and be … polite about it?!?!?! i really don’t know where your head is these days??

    please stop wasting your energy on hc. it makes me sad to see someone try so hard and get treated sooo poorly. you are always willing to help anyone with anything they ask for and you don’t get the same in return.


    preach on brother dave p


    you CANNOT have a nj bmx state meeting closed to only those who paid for a state jacket.. a meeting must be open to EVERYONE


    UH, its a track meeting Dave, a track meeting for HCBMX, which Loren didn’t win one either


    funny, most of you rarely, if ever, come to HC, but you seem to know so much about what goes on there. Then you come on here and get all fired up.

    Keep it coming…. 😆


    i know what i’ve seen go on when i am there, and perhaps other people have as well, and there is a reason they stay away.

    just food for thought.

    no one bitches about cj or trilogy, because they don’t have these problems– and guess what, they pull more than 9 motos per local. for an already declining track, you would think that they would be more inclined to be receptive and nice.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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