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    of course its gonna be a big year,I’m back all the way back and I’m bringing some old fart dustbowlers with me too.Not to mention some kids from the neighborhood.


    s4lnj is correct

    a conversation the other night at a christmas party… “oh is your son still doing that biking thing?”

    this is how that went…

    -yes, he is

    oh where does he practice for something like that… where is the track?

    -the closest track to us is in flemington

    oh wow forget that….my little guy just loves jumping with his bike but thats way to far. im sure he would really like it though.

    thats the way so many conversations go… its too far…even if its only 45 mins-1 hr away.. not on a reg basis… its true you have baseball fields/ football right here so parents dont push traveling when they dont have to.

    imagine if there was a practice track for every 3 towns…or wherever there is a skatepark a small practice track…


    Can your son grow up to be an Olympic champion playing baseball? football? 😈

    We have the opporutunity to be sorta like “gymanstics”, but better, because we have a true love for this, we built, nurtured it into existence.

    It’s time for tracks in all towns for kids to get out and ride their bikes.
    Just some jumps and a turns.
    It’s time.


    Can your son grow up to be an Olympic champion playing baseball? football

    No they can’t, but alot of the problem is they see all the bling bling and say hey I wanna do that. Now yes i do like the ball and stick sports. But in order to convince the average kid to want to race, We are gonna have to bust our behinds to make them realize that bmx is the way to have fun and possibly make some cash. NO MAN IS WORTH 300 MILLION DOLLARS. (imo) Hey look at waht all that money did to mike vick? What a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not saying you should drop it all for bmx. I mean how many dual athletes do we have on this sight But we can use the “dual guys” to say Hey BMX IS COOL AS HELL!!!!!!!!!! and you can still participate in other sports too.


    While I don’t think the Oylmpics will be the end all be all to the probs of BMX, it will give exposure and change the perception of what BMX is, and hopefully more towns will WANT a track, taking away the “it’s too far” factor from the reasons as to why not


    what we need is to stop going on this website and complaining.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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