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@bmxer901 wrote:

Anybody that is 16 & up could have raced the pro am and qualified. Look at the ages 11-15 or even 12-15 look at their moto count. Im sure that the parents dont want to spend all that money to get nj1 out of what 2 maybe 3 riders. The only reason why victor has done the state series everyyear is simply becuase hes been nj 1 on both bikes every year but I think 1. Whats th eproblem with giving the kids more comp and prepairing them with what they need to push themselves farther.

I think its a good idea to have opens again, not putting down anyone for trying. But like what was said in another thread, they are already there, people just need to use them. But unless you can convince parents from other states to drive 2-3 hrs or maybe more to race in an open you are going to just have the same riders racing class as you have racing open.

You are also looking for people to have to pay more to race an open series, they would need to race class and open.

Another way to get the younger moto count up is to go out and recruit riders, promote the sport of BMX. The more riders that are brought in, the more riders to race.

I hope that there can be opens run at the state races because it would add to the excitement. I would also say maybe look at what Kevin posted about doing trophy dashes, could be another way of getting the riders to race different riders without the added expense. Something to think about.